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Friday, July 24, 2009

Dark Forest 066

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Dark Forest 066

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Javier said...

Hi John! Great S songs mix. Could you post the song list? That would be great...I was hoping to hear Charlie Chaplin´s "Smile" and West Side Story´s "Somewhere", but your mix is perfect sa it is! Ask Daniel about our "Somewhere" song anecdote..

I learned a word: hobo and finally looked up rip off in the dictionary.So your show is also a teaching experience!

I woke up Mauricio with the great duet by you (and Kentie?),that was the bomb! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Javier said...

By the way, I thought my cutie lover from the 70´s lastname´s should be pronounced "ma ee ors" turned out it should be pronounced see, never have heard the name pronounced in the original language...interesting...