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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dark Forest 099

Next Year in Rosario
Dark Forest 099

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Kalvin said...

Thanks for answering my questions, Johnny. It was interesting to hear about the roomba. I even read an article where some woman was talking about how the roomba taught here all these life lessons on huff post.

Sorry to hear about all the rain. It was interesting to hear your take on the music. I don't think I know anyone personally who's made an album that I don't just love for the purpose of laughing at it.

OMG. I was so impressed with your soup cooking. It sounds like you have had a decent soup instructor at some point during your life. Why do you use the chicken broth and not just the better than bouillon stuff alone? They sell it in big jars at our costco here. Hooray for organic low-sodium so you can somewhat adjust the salt. I wish they made a no salt version. Anyway, VERY impressed with your soup cooking.

I have to admit that I also find the agoraphobia rather odd. I don't find open spaces particularly compelling, mostly depressing. It makes me feel like I'm stuck in town-o-nowhere, and you know me, I'm a big-city gurl.

Can't wait for the next show. Sounds like Ranger X's Oscar party was rather interesting too. Does everyone speak English well? I suppose it wouldn't be that much of a shame if they didn't as the Oscars are usually pretty crappy, with the exception of Hugh Jackman. Yum.