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Friday, May 7, 2010

Dark Forest 105

Chewing the Fat on the Deck
Dark Forest 105

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Kalvin said...

Chavuku is lucky to live in a country that respects the rights of LGBTQIQ people to get married. Well, at least seems to be heading that way. Very interesting segment by Ranger X. I have to say that I rarely feel proud to be an American. Then again, we did kind of save the world in WWII and invent the greatest art form ever, movies. Okay, I'm obviously kidding, but being an American feels like a not entirely real identity to me. I suppose I think of myself as the descendants of Euro trash that couldn't read or write and came over here because they believed in Mormonism. I suppose the world was different then though. I'm probably being too harsh, and in any case, I'm being off topic. I very much enjoyed this show. I understand how you feel about Mellie, I think. JR and I would love to build big outdoor cages for our cats to go out in, but we are too protective to just let them out, and I'm still not sure I would trust the giant cages either. That's lovely to hear about the French's Onion Soup. Will you be making Boeuf Bourguignon soon? Looking forward to possibly hearing Daniel on the podcast as well. I found your chat with your neighbor rather interesting. For some reason, she sounded a great deal like Ninja to me from the Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters. I could hear the horses on the deck too. I think that was a first. I don't think I realized how out in the country you boys were. I loved the story about the water. Is this America!? Exciting to hear about the deck as well. Did I say that I really enjoyed the Flemming piece you played on some show? Not sure. Did. And I was going to ask if you were having Chinese on your birthday, but I thought that might come off as rude, but I was thinking you might be. No video this year it seems. Never had heard the 64 song before. Cute.