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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dark Forest 151

Under the Knife
Dark Forest 151

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Kalvin said...

I have had very little success with cooking indian food at home. It always turned out rather dull. Most restaurants typically use packaged curry mixes of which I hear Shan are the best. I'm looking into finding Essential Indian or Curry: Comtemporary and Classic as sources I trust point to them as good books. Plus, i always had bad luck with Chinese food until Dunlop who is British like these writers. Anyway. The Japanese thing is interesting, but I'd always heard that they were socially extremely homophobic, but then again the culture as I understand it doesn't like anyone to stand out. The cyst thing was interesting. I used to watch lancing videos all the time on youtube. I guess that's worse than being into death. I find the drink coaster notification system strange, but maybe it helps. Enjoyed the show!