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Friday, May 6, 2011

Dark Forest 153

Down In the Meadow
Dark Forest 153

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Kalvin said...

The whole cancer thing is always frightening to me, not to mention the sudden paralysis!!! I hope everything is okay. I've never heard of thrush before.

I thought that the comment by Toppie was rather interesting. I wasn't sure if all of the music was a part of the comment or not. I think there definitely might have even been several episodes with birding segments. Not sure which ones precisely though.

The song was pleasant although I have to wonder if Mellie is breaking her contract with Kentie by appearing on TDF now. You sing really well. I like the tapping. I do that sometimes as well when I sing to myself while playing the piano.

Re: automaton, that is precisely what I meant. Maybe it's a personal failing.