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Friday, June 3, 2011

Dark Forest 157 / Crayfish Ambush

Dark Forest 157

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Professor Blogger said...

What was the song that opened the show? It was very cute. I really liked it.

To Ranger X re. "American Idol": the audience is not only somewhat conservative (evangelical Christians have an edge), but many of those who vote are tweens and teen-aged girls. They sometimes skew the results.

Personally, I think Scotty was the better choice because he's a better performer than the runner-up. BTW, Steven Tyler was a great addition (although his comments got tiresomely positive by the end). I liked that he was creepy, blurted out incomprehensible statements, and looked bored half the time.

One never wants to take these kinds of shows too seriously: that ruins half the fun of watching.

Kalvin said...

I really enjoyed learning about the crayfish and lemurs. Sorry that the crawdads don't seem to like you. The lemurs seems really fascinating. I'd be curious to see one someday. So happy for you that you can do deck chats again!

Re: American Idol. JR and I simply never watched that show. The bits I saw didn't catch my interest, but I suppose every phenomenon runs its course.

The music was so vulgar! Not that there is anything wrong with that.