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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Dark Forest 174 / Trying Not to Be Debbie Downer

Trying Not to Be Debbie Downer
Dark Forest 174

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Kalvin said...

Didn't feel like it was a downer-cast. Sorry I haven't been commenting more frequently. I'm a bad, bad listener!! That's scary stuff about the gout. Sorry to hear that the whole issue happened to you. I had no idea that gout was so prevalent these days. Very much enjoy the chats with you and Daniel. I find those sort of pronunciation drills really interesting as I try and make people do that to me when I'm learning another language even if it frustrates me as the learner.

I also feel like I haven't had that much to say lately. I think sometimes it's difficult to feel like one's opinion is necessarily worth sharing (at least I feel that way), but I very much enjoy hearing your take on things and the things you choose to share on your show.

Keep up the good work!