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Monday, November 28, 2011

Dark Forest 179 / Michelle

Dark Forest 179

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Kalvin said...

This was so funny! I loved the Michelle song, and I'm so happy to hear that your transition is going so well Ranger M. And Chavuku too? :-) Sounds like Thanksgiving went well. I wonder if the acid in the cranberries has something to do with it's not setting up terribly well. I was totally wrong on guessing the music last week. I was thinking Hindemith. I was surprised it was Stravinsky as it seems so out of character for him, but very much of that time period. You guys will always exceed my music knowledge, and with Daniel you have all genres of music covered. JR was also so pleased to hear that you use Olde English. I always thought it was so bizarre and he insisted that everyone did that. We certainly never did when I grew up, but apparently it's a popular tradition. Also, apparently, Olde English is the sharp cheddar version of Velveeta. Those crafty folks at Kraft!