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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dark Forest 207 / Awareness Ribbons Gone Wild

Awareness Ribbons Gone Wild
Dark Forest 207

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JR said...

Yeah the ribbon thing is all screwed up. i agree with Daniel at least lump them into similar categories! We should redo it still before it gets more ingrain in our memory. Cant wait to see a hounds-tooth ribbon... It is like Hanky codes, but less organized.

Our amusing Google street view story is back when it started for reasons I am sure you can determine, SF was one of the first cities filmed/photographed and they caught our cat looking out the window. I saved a screenshot of it figuring they would occasionally update like the satellite earth photos did and unfortunately they did but I still have a copy of my cat looking out t he window from early days of google street view... Hope his face is blurred!

Always so impressed you find such fitting music for your topics!

- JR
In the cool breezy summer of SF.