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Friday, January 14, 2011

Dark Forest 138

They Give Methadone to Heroin Addicts, Don't They?
Dark Forest 138

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Joann Wheeler said...

We quit together once -- went to movies all day (El Norte and Purple Rose of Cairo, I think)-- and as we were walking down Boylston St., a guy two blocks ahead of us threw down a half-smoked butt and you yelled, "White meat!" Good times!

Kalvin said...

OMG white meat. I really enjoyed your history of smoking. Especially how it creates childhood gay sexual experiences. In a way, it made me nostalgic for smoking, but not really. 12 days of detention? Wow, that's harsh. I like the term mutual admiration societ. I'm too negative (perhaps sex negative?) and usually think of that as a circle jerk. So funny about the Kentie and dip story. I was always convinced JR didn't know I was smoking, but he claims he knew. Funny that I was smoking last time I saw you! Southern Season sounds interesting, but it seems their website doesn't reflect the glory that it actually is. Now you can go buy tapioca maltodextrin and transglutimase hopefully. Mmmm...meat glue...