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Friday, January 21, 2011

Dark Forest 139

Close Call
Dark Forest 139

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Kalvin said...

Holy cow! Your glasses were run over, but your phone wasn't? Crazy indeed. At least it's still working after being left in the mud. :( I really liked the King's Speech too, but I thought picking Beethoven's 7th was very wrong for a music bed for your speech where you announce war with Germany. I suppose we should all be jealous of Ranger X and his nice weather. Sounds like the risotto was a success. Maybe you could do farroto next. I've heard that carnaroli rice might even be better than arborio, but I've never purchased it myself. I like making risotto. The stirring is soothing in my opinion. Plus, I think I enjoy all the cheese.

Anonymous said...

Wow, being able to go back and find your satchel after it was left behind. Thats great, sorry to hear about the damage, but probably the least bad case scenario

> JR