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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dark Forest 140

There are Pantyhose on the Roof!
Dark Forest 140

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Anonymous said...

Now I cant stop wanting Cauliflower! I just had some last week, so deliciously prepared from this place as seen on the menu:

My parents were members of the Columbia record club too, then 8-track club which I still have most of...

Thank you for another great show and the love!


Kalvin said...

Thank you for the extremely kind words. It sounds like you had a very good time in NYC despite the bus. It's always a difficult choice for me. The bus, train and plane all accomplish the same thing, so part of me feels like I should just suffer well and take the bus if it is practical time-wise. Maybe if you purchased $5 worth of instant ice packs it might help. I don't mind amtrak. I took a bus from Denver to Provo once, and I thought it was just fine. Colorful, stinky, but okay. It appealed to my sense of adventure and thrift.

Love cauliflower. Always worry that it isn't healthy enough though. Probably because I always want to douse it in fat. Personally love it topped with brown butter and toasted hazelnuts, au gratin, and am thinking of trying it sous vide.

Not to be too preachy, but chilean sea bass is severely overfished and unsustainable. It's like I'm Chad!

Butter that's softer than this? I'll have to try that sometime.