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Friday, February 18, 2011

Dark Forest 142

I Am the Wife of Mao Tse Tung
Dark Forest 142

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Anonymous said...

Another great episode! Kalvin's mother eats dandelion greens raw. We got some and were not sure if it was the variety or what, but tried without cooking and talk about tough and bitter! I imagine cooked is much better. Thank you for the intro of an opera I know nothing about as well...

Still loving Ranger X this week I think his pronunciation of Tudor was fine. I loved this week Schnow (Snow) and King Henry the Sith (I thought Star Wars?). Please Ranger X never be offended by my loving your accent or think I am poking fun. I have a thing for boys from down south, their accents and I dearly miss my lovely and wild friend Victor who returned I believe to Rosario in fact after over a decade up here in the US and now it is hard for us to visit :(


PS no smoking I promise!

Kalvin said...

I adored this show. Bo-ok! Bo-ok! Re veggie stock, lots of different opinions. Some say if you wouldn't put it in your mouth (just eat peels) you shouldn't put it in your stock. Additionally, dark greens can impart a bitter flavor. Classic is just good ol' mirepoix. But some roast. Some sautee briefly in oil first. Some use pressure cookers, some use herbs, garlic, others say it limits stocks versatility (true, but that's not necessarily bad). Personally I put all veggies in food processor until fine chopped, brief sautee, cover with cold water, bring to boil, skim, forty minutes, strain and then defat after in fridge (the oil from sautee), well and I add herbs too. It's kind of a matter of taste. I much prefer a small amount of fennel myself to lots of celery. Anyway, rambling.