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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dark Forest 141

Vegetarianism Anyone?
Dark Forest 141

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for another great show with great music selections. Liberace was quite a talent! I love the way Ranger X says "smoke" and even more so when he says "smoking" makes me almost want to smoke. Vege power!


Kalvin said...

I absoltely adored the opening music, AND the piano transcription. You always did have good taste. The soup sounds good. If you made veggie stock yourself, maybe you could switch from chicken stock. Never had first flush tea myself. I think you could do veganism so long as you don't have to cook for Daniel-Three-Ingredients. I'm not surprised Kentie is such a meat eater. Why not go for the significant reduction instead? I eat actually not a large amount of meat. I'd like to hear the science bit as well. What kind of chicken broth do you use? I think Liszt is best when working with others music. Anyway, as always, I adore the show.