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Friday, March 18, 2011

Dark Forest 146

On the Fritz
Dark Forest 146

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JR said...

Been catching up. The flu virus was horrible and took me out for a week and I was in too much pain to do anything! I get your podcast via the magic of itunes to answer your question. To Beloved Ranger X "JR", "GR" it is all the same to me I will take the attention anyway I can get it. Really enjoying the last couple episodes confused how one cooks without oil at all form I think the prior episode about Cindy. Great music as always my brother in LP conversions! I just haven't solved how to get the 78s I have form early 1900s and many form 1930s to sound decent. Found a modern player that goes 78 rpm put the needle doesn't put enough pressure down.

Kalvin said...

There are few thing I hate more than writing a long comment and having a blogger error delete it when submitting it. Curse you google.

Not really a fan of b&s myself. Seemed to unbelievable, but I in general don't like tv dramas for this reason. Much prefer animation.

I first thought debussy on the piece but switched to ravel because the structured nature of the melody etc seemed more like something ravel would do but i was tempted to switch back to debussy too!

Sorry for the fish fiasco. :-( I'm not always ethical either, I have tons of problems actually knowing where fish comes from becuase even most fish mongers and esp. Restaurants don't know. And it gets tiresome asking. I don't blame you at all.

As for bowing, I don't like the brief stop in the notes when the bows change direction. The pause is dstracting to me on long sustained notes. I like all those other things you mentioned and I like the sound of bowing I just don't like it on long sustain notes.

I subscribe through itunes.
As always I adore the show.