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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dark Forest 147

From Pickled Beets to Abortion
Dark Forest 147

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Kalvin said...

I personally never found anything particularly exciting about Harry Jr, either, but I guess it's good we all have our own tastes.

As for the topic switch you talked about seeing the protestors while driving, so not that crazy. How did the baby chard go? As far as abortion and life/sentience there are tons of problems with that to me. How aware does an abortion need to be? What if it has feelings equivalent to a chicken? A seal? A dog? Which do we kill and why? Are the needs of the living and truly independant more important? What about end of life care and interventions? As for prevention instead of abortion some might say we shouldn't provide medicine to people who were in any way responsible for their own maladies including hiv/aids. Women undergo tremendous strain to have children and we already have too many people on this planet anyway. Should we spend on unwanted children when there are so many starving already?

It's strange how I had a coworker from Argentina, and he was similar about abortion. He simply thought that population was a non-issue and that hapiness came from having as large a family as possible (not saying DP had same opinions). I sometimes wonder if we will be able to survive long enough for the humankind to universally acknowledge what a tremendous blight and pestilence the catholic churh is or hopefully will have been.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, amendement. There have been some great catholics, and the preservation of records has been very important. I guess I'm just a monk's man and not much for those priests. -K